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Micronic Sample Storage

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Micronic’s goal is to advance research by serving scientists in finding solutions that contribute to a higher quality of life. They develop and manufacture a range of Dutch-designed products to enhance the process of sample preservation and storage.

Micronic is an independent organization with its headquarters located in Lelystad, the Netherlands. Micronic produces and assembles its labware in certified Class 7 clean rooms which are located in the Netherlands and the United States. Their labware equipment is also assembled in-house. Micronic is an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company.



Products offered by Micronic includes:

Internally threaded tubes
Internally threaded tubes1400ul-tube-1-dim







Externally threaded tubes
Externally threadedExternally threaded2







Coded/Non-coded racks 
Coded racks







Code Readers







Capper/Decapper instruments







Micronic products are applied worldwide in the (research) laboratories of university hospitals, forensics, agricultural, veterinary and governmental institutes, as well as companies in biotech, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 

To find out more about the product or to request for a quote, feel free to contact us or visit Micronic’s website here.