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cellZscope 2 – Next Generation Impedance-Based Cell Monitoring


The cellZscope, an instrument that measures the impedance of barrierforming cell cultures, specifically, the transepithelial / -endothelial resistance (TER) and the capacitance (Ccl) of cultured cell layers under physiological conditions. This allows fast monitoring to take place over days and weeks with reliable long term measurements being automatically recorded. This makes the cellZscope an ideal tool for controlling the confluence of cell layers as well as for studying the influence of substances on the barrier function. The innovative design has enabled the cellZscope full compatibility with standard cell culture inserts from all major manufacturers, like Corning Transwell and Falcon, Greiner Bio-One ThinCert, and Millipore Millicell inserts.

This year, nanoAnalytics has launched the next generation of impedance-based cell monitoring systems, the cellZscope2. Today, across several hundreds of research laboratories and peer-reviewed publications worldwide, investigators have adopted the cellZscope® as the new technological standard bearer and preferred market leader. As the original innovator of label-free automated monitoring of barrier forming cells grown in standard cell culture inserts, nanoAnalytics has designed the new cellZscope2 with the same precision engineering and highest quality materials as the original cellZscope – with a number of enhanced features added. These include faster performance, higher throughput, greater measurement flexibility, and instrument operations and maintenance that are truly a snap.

For more information on the product, feel free to visit nanoAnalytics or contact us here.

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Newly Partnered! Phoenix Instrument & Advantage-Lab

Quintech Life Sciences would like to officially welcome out new partners Advantage-Lab and Phoenix Instrument.

Advantage-Lab which has more than a decade worth of experience in the field of research offers a broad portfolio of trustworthy laboratory equipment at affordable prices. Their mission, which is to contribute to the fascinating world of research by providing laboratories and research institutes with the best quality laboratory equipment, respecting their budget limits at all times, leads them to focus on instrument with top qualities while avoiding costly and unnescessary sophistications. They have distributors in over 30 countries worldwide and Quintech Life Sciences is proud to be part of their team.

Pheonix Instrument was founded by Christian Lieske and Marco Reimer whom together have more than 50 years of experience in the distribution of laboratory equipment. Pheonix Instrument strives to provide equipment with high quality standards for the daily demand in all kinds of laboratories at a good price along with great service. By having a close network of qualified laboratory distributors, consumers would have easy access to their products. While Pheonix Instrument were primarily active in the Europe, the partnership with Quintech Life Sciences would hopefully open new doors for their expansion towards Asia.

With these new partnerships, we strive to continue providing our consumers with great products and services at the most competitive prices.

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3.00ml Micronic Tissue Storage Tubes

The tubes have a wide shallow opening and a working volume of 2.50ml making them ideal for use in ultra-low temperature storage of tissue materials. With a unique 2D Data-Matrix code laser etched on the tube bottom, and a large human readable code on the tube sidewall, the 3.00ml tubes provides easy and unambiguous identification and storage of your samples.

  • Externally threaded tube design to minimize contamination and maximize working volume
  • Wide shallow opening enabling easy loading / removal of tissue samples using tweezers
  • Unique ‘single turn’ TPE / Polypropylene Screw Cap
  • Screw Cap available in 6 different colours!
  • Partially transparent walls enabling easy visual checking of the enclosed tissue sample
  • Standard available with a unique 2D Data-Matrix on the tube bottom and a large human readable on the side
  • 2D codes and human readable codes are permanently laser etched
  • 100% quality control on all 2D codes
  • Available in bulk and Micronic 24-2 Rack (based on the ANSI / SLAS standards for storage racks)
  • Clean room Class 7 production
  • RNase/DNase and Pyrogen free