TisXell Regeneration System

TisXell Regeneration System distinctive design offers a nurturing culture environment to cells and tissues.  Its unique bi-directional revolution simulates nature’s biological ecosphere, accelerating homogenous cell growth throughout 3D tissue constructs, NATURALLY.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerates cell growth, differentiation and cell proliferation, mimicking native extracellular matrix (ECM)
  • Supports homogenous cell culture at the surface and core of 3D scaffolds
  • Maintains functionality and viability of tissue constructs
  • Reduces formation of necrotic neo-tissue that interferes with subsequent implantation process
  • Promotes integration of implants with surrounding tissue and supports the structural integrity in regeneration of tissues and organs

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System Configuration

Product Code

Product Description

QX900-101 TisXell Regeneration System (50ml)
QX900-002 TisXell Regeneration System (500ml)
QX900-103 TisXell Regeneration System (1000ml)


Product Code

Product Description

QX800-101 Luer Caps, 12
QX800-102 Tube End Plugs, 12
QX800-103 Luer Fittings, 12
QX800-111 Single-Use Rotators, 25
QX800-112 Two-Way Rotators, 2
QX800-122 Coupling Kit
(for Single-Use Rotators)
QX800-131 Tubing Kit for 50ml Culture Chamber, 1 set
QX800-132 Tubing Kit for 1000ml Culture Chamber, 1 set