Aspiration Systems

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  • Vacusafe 320310


    Product Number : 158 310 / 158 320

    Integra VACUSAFE combines vacuum pump, collection bottle, overflow protection and filter in an all-in-one liquid aspiration system. Such a closed aspiration system offers the most effective method for containment of biohazardous liquids by maximal personal protection.

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  • vacuboy-2_0


    Product Number : 155 500  / 155 510

    Integra VACUBOY is a versatile aspiration tool that converts any vacuum source into a user-friendly aspiration system for aspirating liquids from virtually any laboratory container – at the touch of a button and in a controlled way.

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  • vacusip


    Product Number : 159 000

    Integra VACUSIP, a portable aspiration system for convenient and affordable liquid waste disposal. It is a compact and ready-to-use vacuum aspiration system with an integrated silent vacuum pump for the aspiration of small volumes of liquids. With VACUSIP you no longer have to worry about tedious handling or the risk of contaminating your house vacuum system.

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Showing all 3 results