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  • Countstar® Altair Advanced Cell Analyzer for Industry

    Countstar® Altair is designed based on the classic Trypan Blue exclusion principle, integrating the advanced “fix focus” optical imaging bench, the most advanced cell recognition technologies, and software algorithms. Enable to get the information of cell concentration, viability, aggregation rate, roundness, and diameter distribution by one run.

    To meet the cGMP regulation, Countstar® Atair software is equipped with a powerful data management function and offers a 4-level user access control feature, e-signatures, and log files that are in compliance with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

  • Countstar® BioTech Automated Cell Counter

    Countstar® Biostar is designed based on the classic Trypan Blue staining principle, integrating the advanced “fix focus” optical imaging work bench and the most advanced cell recognition technologies and software algorithms. Countstar BioTech not only provides the cell concentration and viability, but also provides the average diameter and average circularity, and showing the diameter range and aggregation of cells in histograms etc

  • Countstar® BioMed Professional Immune Cell Counter

    Countstar® BioMed is applicable to cells with diameters ranging from 2-180μm, and realizes an accurate and reliable immune cell count in clinical treatment such as lymphocytes, dendritic cells and other stem cells. Providing a series of solution from cell counter, cell analysis, data storage and manage to data output.

  • Countstar® BioFerm Automated Yeast Cell Counter

    Countstar® BioFerm Automatic Yeast Counter combines traditional Melanie or Methylene Violet staining with high-resolution imaging and intelligent image recognition for accurate and consistent detection of yeast concentration and viability with a powerful Data Management System.

  • Countstar® BioMarine Automatic Algae Counter

    Countstar® BioMarine Automated Counter is a professional automatic counter developed to accurately measure the concentrations of algae.

    For both pure cultures of unicellular algae and mixed cultures of multi-algae samples, Countstar® BioMarine can provide accurate results with high repeatability and save your valuable time and energy.

  • Countstar® BioLab Automated Cell Counter

    Countstar® BioLab is a cell counting and analyzing instrument developed on the basis of classic trypan blue staining. Integrating advanced optical imaging technology and intelligent image recognition technology.
    Countstar® BioLab is applicable to cells with diameter between 5-180μm and the density between 1×104-3×107/ml.

Showing all 6 results