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  • omniBLOT Blotter

    omniBLOT Blotter

    The omniPAGE range of Modular Vertical Gel Systems allow multiple
    electrophoresis techniques to be performed in the same unit.Using the same
    main tank and lid,three different modules are interchangeable for PAGE,
    tube gel and electroblotting techniques.

  • omniBLOT Blotter, High Intensity

    omniBLOT Blotter, High Intensity

    The Sub Blot Mini and WAVE high intensity transfer systems combine the cooling capacity of wet submarine blotting units with the speed of semi-dry transfer systems. Both systems utilize plate electrodes to create a higher strength electric field and greater current density than conventional wire-electrode systems. This allows transfer of broad range molecular weight proteins to be achieved typically within an hour in the Sub Blot Mini, and in 1-2 hours using the WAVE Sub Blot System.

  • Semi Dry Blotter

    Semi Dry Blotter

    These Semi Dry Blotters offer rapid transfer times for DNA, RNA and protein blotting – typically 15 to 30 minutes. All units can be used for all types of blotting: western, Southern and northern via uncomplicated buffer and set up procedures and are compatible with gel thicknesses from 0.25 up to 10mm without the need for additional equipment. Each unit is compatible with their respective omniPAGE vertical gel system

Showing all 3 results