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  • HB-100  Digital Drybath

    HB-100 Digital Drybath

    Digital Dry Bath HB100 with various interchangeable heating blocks is ideal for molecular biology, histology, clinical, environmental and industrial laboratories.

    Including melting and boiling point determination, enzyme reactions, incubation and activation of cultures, immunoassays, DNA denaturation, culture media tests, coagulation tests, blood-urea-nitrogen determinations and in-situ hybridizations.

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  • TIN-IN120 • TIN-IN200

    TIN-IN120 • TIN-IN200 Incubators

    Incubators with higher volume, thanks to the optimal placing of the heating elements, ensure high performance in homogeneity and stability of temperature and the proper incubation of the samples.

    The difference from the smaller models is the presence of the double door, with the inner glass full-width, which ensures a perfect observation of the samples in the chamber without unnecessary heat losses.

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  • TIN-IN16 • TIN-IN35 • TIN-IN55

    TIN-IN16 • TIN-IN35 • TIN-IN55 Incubators

    The organic materials used in the typical laboratory application require a constant and gentle heating. The temperature distribution in the incubators is obtained without forced air circulation but using only the natural convection, which does not stress the sample and allows its uniform growth.

    The wide door glass window allows a constant check of the status of the samples inside the chamber without opening the door, thereby avoiding unnecessary heat loss and temperature changes.

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  • TIN-TF530 • TIN-TF120 TIN-TF200 • TIN-TF400

    TIN-TF530 • TIN-TF120 TIN-TF200 • TIN-TF400 Oven

  • TIN-TN30 • TIN-TN50 TIN-TN115 • TIN-TN200

    TIN-TN30 • TIN-TN50 TIN-TN115 • TIN-TN200 Oven

    Ideal for everyday use in the processes of drying and sterilization, the natural convection ovens are characterized by a high load capacity and by the accurate temperature control.

    The possibility to heat the samples up to 300 ° C allows any type of sterilization process.The minimum heating times, the heating power properly dimensioned and the perfect tightness of the seals, ensure low energy consumption in every application.

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  • WB-12 • WB-22

    WB-12 • WB-22 Water baths

    The waterbaths are generally used in the laboratory to maintain the temperature of the samples constant. The waterbaths WB series, thanks to the maximum operating temperature of 100°C, meet the different needs of ope- rators and therefore allow them to be used in numerous applications.

    The model WB 22 pump ensures a faster and more uniform temperature distribution due to the recirculation pump which is equipped.

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