BTE-Serie Top loading Balance

State-of-art-design, smart handling, extensive equipment, top prices.

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All features at a glance

• calibration per push on the CAL-button
  with an external calibration weight
• separate stability indication
• fast and convenient handling with
  the new menu operating key
• direct data transfer into Windows
 application by Windows direct function
• RS 232 interface
• various application programs (e. g.
  formulation, counting, %)
• new backlit display for more
  comfortable readings

ModelAccuracyCapacityPan size
BTE-6220,01 g620 g110 mm
BTE-62010,1 g6200 g160 mm
BTE-42010,1 g4200 g160 mm
BTE-22010,1 g2200 g160 mm
BTE-62001 g6200 g160 mm