Lushnjë The cellZscopeE is our entry model for automated TER measurement under physiological conditions. Main features are:

  • Automatic determination of TER
  • Full compatibilty with a broad range of standard cell culture inserts
  • Cell Module can be loaded with 6 inserts simultaneously
  • Time resolution per well: 1 datapoint/hour
  • Upgrade to cellZscope+ possible

Technical Notes
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The cellZscopeE is the ideal entry-level system for computer-controlled TER (transepithelial / -endothelial resistance) measurements. TER of the cell layers under investigation is determined in real-time. Reliable long term measurements over days and weeks can be carried out.

The convincing performance and instrument operations and easy maintenance make the cellZscopeE the ideal tool for controlling the confluence of cell layers as well as for studying the influence of substances on the barrier function. It sweeps over a wide frequency range instead of simply measuring at a very few frequency points. This ensures a reliable and unambiguous detection of cell layer properties.

cellZscope - Hardware

The innovative design of the cellZscopeE provides investigators full apical and basolateral access to all wells. Even without the user has to fully open the cell module. An aperture in the cover gives access to the inner and outer compartment of each well. Medium can easily be exchanged and substances added with a pipette.  

Single-piece stainless steel “pots” serve as bottom electrodes, as vessels for holding the cell culture medium, and as supports for cell culture inserts.

cellZscope - Hardware

The lid is made of highest quality stainless steel not only providing superior durability but also excellent compatibility with all standard cleaning and sterilization methods. The bottom electrodes can be detached easily without the use of tools. These features make the cellZscope systems a snap to clean and sterilize.

cellZscope - Hardware

Three well sizes are available for use with small (“24-well” type), mid-sized (“12-well” type), or large (“6-well” type) inserts, respectively.

Different sizes of cell culture inserts can be combined within a single Cell Module. Thus allowing the automated monitoring and direct comparison of the barrier properties of cell layers housed in up to three different sized cell culture inserts.

cellZscope - well sizes

The cellZscopeE is compatible with a variety of standard cell culture inserts from different manufacturers. Three versions of the electrodes are available. They are tailored for use with small (“24-well” type), mid-sized (“12-well” type), or large (“6-well” type) inserts, respectively. Different well sizes can be combined within one Cell Module.


cellZscope - compatible inserts
Some examples of compatible cell culture inserts (nanoAnalytics GmbH assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies).

Additional information

Dimensions (L×W×H)

Controller 26 cm × 6 cm × 27 cm (10.2 in × 2.4 in × 10.6 in)
Cell Module 18 cm × 15 cm × 7 cm (7.1 in × 6.0 in × 2.8 in)
Space in incubator 26 cm × 20 cm × 9 cm (10.2 in × 7.9 in × 3.6 in)

Connector Cable

Length 150 cm (59 in)
Cross section (W×T) 15 mm × 4 mm (0.6 in × 0.16 in)

*Usually the ribbon cable can be simply fed through the front door of the incubator.

Measurement Parameters

Frequency range 1 Hz to 100 kHz
Measurement time for 6 wells ~ 5 min
Time resolution per well 1 data point/hour

Cell Module

Number of wells 6
6-well size ✔
12-well size ✔
24-well size ✔

Power Supply

100 – 240 Vac; 0.8 A; 47 – 63 Hz

Minimum requirements for the control computer

– 1.0 GHz processor speed
– 1024 MB RAM
– USB 2.0 port
– 1024×768 display
– Microsoft Windows® 7/8/10