Countstar® Altair Advanced Cell Analyzer for Industry

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Favara Countstar® Altair is designed based on the classic Trypan Blue exclusion principle, integrating the advanced “fix focus” optical imaging bench, the most advanced cell recognition technologies, and software algorithms. Enable to get the information of cell concentration, viability, aggregation rate, roundness, and diameter distribution by one run.

To meet the cGMP regulation, Countstar® Atair software is equipped with a powerful data management function and offers a 4-level user access control feature, e-signatures, and log files that are in compliance with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.


Count Star

Product feature

Automated, Fast and Easy Operation

Only need three steps to get the test result.
Figure 3 Screenshot of Countstar FL Software

Touch Screen with Flexible Experiment Assay Management System

“App-like” interface. Allow to add multiple Experiment Assays for different operators

Figure 3 Screenshot of Countstar FL Software

Most Advanced Imaging Technology

1. Unrivaled “Fixed focus” patent
There is no need for the user to focus under any circumstances: replacing the slide, changing the sample slot, different regions of interest selected. Results are highly reproducible and an interference by the operator is excluded

Most Advanced Imaging Technology

2. 5 megapixel industrial colour camera to provide high resolution images

Most Advanced Imaging Technology

Countstar Altair

3. Our protected image recognition algorithms analyze more than 20 single parameters of each object classified

Most Advanced Imaging Technology


Powerful and User-Friendly Data Management

 Powerful and User-Friendly Data Management


FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Make a detailed record of any changes, edits, deletions, adjustments, etc. Electronic records cannot be deleted, including administrators. Electronic records include date, time, username, machine serial number, and user’s actions

FDA 21 CFR Part 11


Instrument Stability Test (IST)

Instrument Stability Test (IST)

Shanghai RuiYu BioTech has established a comprehensive validation plan that test and monitor the stability and accuracy of the result of Countstar Mars to guarantee the data is reliable in the daily use. Shanghai RuiYu BioTech has deigned an examination program (Instrument Stability Test, IST) to make sure that performance of instruments meets the requirements of cGMP regulated environments. IST will examine and calibrate the instrument once in a period of time to prove that the result measured by this instrument remains accurate and stable after years of use.

Additional information

Weight13 kg
Dimensions43 × 37 × 61 cm
Diameter range

3μm ~ 180μm

Concentration range

1×104 ~ 3×107/mL

Objective magnification


Imaging element

5 megapixel,CMOS camera


1×USB 3.0 1×USB 2.0




10.4 inch touchscreen

Power supply

110–230 V/AC, 50/60Hz