Countstar® BioTech Automated Cell Counter

Countstar® Biostar is designed based on the classic Trypan Blue staining principle, integrating the advanced “fix focus” optical imaging work bench and the most advanced cell recognition technologies and software algorithms. Countstar BioTech not only provides the cell concentration and viability, but also provides the average diameter and average circularity, and showing the diameter range and aggregation of cells in histograms etc


Count Star
Product feature

Easy and fast:

Within 20 seconds through three steps with one buttonEasy and fast 

Cost-efficient Consumables:

Loaded 5 sample in one slide                 Individual Package
Cost-efficient Consumables 

Imaging Technology:

5-megapixel color imaging and a wide sample collection range ensures clear and accurate visualization

Imaging Technology 

Accuracy and Reliability:

Guaranteed by “Fixed Focus” technology, high resolution imaging, larger observation area and advanced algorithms.

Countstar VS Hemocytometer 
Accuracy and Reliability


Powerful data analysis and management System:

1. Intelligence search, Coded lock, security user login and sustainable data management etc., to keep the cell quality and data safety.

Powerful data analysis and management System

2. Countstar software system provides cultivation time chart (CTC), overlay analysis and other statistical and analytical functions 
Overlay Analysis of the cell growth curve.
3. Diversity of Data Formats: PDF, EXCEL, JPEG;Automated PDF reports 
Diversity of Data Formats:

4. Sustainable Data Management
User, Time, Parameter, Result……

Sustainable Data Management

Additional information


IC 1000

Test Item

Concentration, Viability, Diameter, aggregation etc.

Sample Density

1×104 – 3×107/ml

Sample Diameter


Imaging element

5 Megapixel,CMOS camera

Objective magnification

2.5 X

Sample Volume


Test Time