EC-21 cond • EC-26 cond Conductivity Portable Meter

An elegant and ergonomic case, with a practical soft rubber andIP57 protection, has inside the best of technology. A large display (backlight for EC-26 COND) shows all information that you need about the measurement, cell‘s life and instrument‘s memory. All the functional parameters of connected cell, during measurement or calibration, are constantly checked and inform the operator for easy trouble-shooting.

Only 4 keys for COND 7 (6 for EC-26 cond) allow the user to control all functions in an intuitive and easy way. A practical USB port (EC-26-cond), covered to guarantee waterproof protection, allow to download data (with date of last calibration done) or power the instruments by Computer or with power supply 220V/USB included.


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• Display Conductivity and
Temperature simultaneously
• Automatic calibration 1 to 3
points between 4 conductivity
standard values
• Manual calibration on 1 point
(User defined)
• Large Display
(backlight for EC-25 cond)
with indication of standards used
for calibration and stability
• Automatic and manual compensation
of temperature with reference
value 15…30 °C
• Waterproof IP57 protection
• Strong carrying case with all
accessories to be used
as a small portable laboratory.

Technical dataEC-21 condEC-26 cond
Measuring Range (Cond-mS)0,00…2000,00…200
Measuring Accuracy (Cond)0,1/1 µS 0,01/0,1 mS0,1/1 µS 0,01/0,1 mS
Calibration Standards84, 1413 µS, 12.88,111.8 mS, User84, 1413 µS, 12.88,111.8 mS, User
Calibration points1…51…5
Selectable cell constant0,1 – 1 – 100,1 – 1 – 10
eTemp. Measuring range (°C)0.0…100-10 – 110
Temperature compens.(%/°C)0,00…10,000,00…10,00
Resolution/Accuracy (°C)0,1 / ± 0,5°C0,1 / ± 0,5°C
TDS Measuring range0.1 mg/l…200 g/l0.1 mg/l…200 g/l
Calibration alarmNoYes
MemoryNo1000 data
InterfaceNoMicro USB
IP-classIP 57IP 57
Dimension185 x 85 x 45 mm185 x 85 x 45 mm
Weight400 g400 g
Warranty3 years3 years