EC-21 pH • EC 26 pH Portable Meter

An elegant and ergonomic case, with a practical soft rubber and IP57 protection, contains the best of technology. A large display (3-color backlit for EC-26pH) shows all information that you need.

All the functional parameters of connected electrode, during measurement or calibration, are constantly checked and inform the operator for easy trouble-shooting. The new DHS-technology allows the use of digital as well as analog electrodes. Only 4 keys (6 for EC-25pH) allow the user to control all functions in an intuitive and easy way.



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Function in a Glance

EC-21 pH • EC-26 pH

• High-resolution color display,
adjustable brightness
• DHS function, automatic recognition of
DHS and analogue sensors
• Display of pH/mV and temperature values
• automatic pH calibration up to 3 points
• automatic ORP 1-point calibration
• selectable stability parameter
• automatic and manual temperature
• Protection class IP 57
• Supplied in a robust transport case
with all accessories

Technical DataEC-21 pHEC-26 pH
Measuring Range (pH)0…14-2…16
Resolution (pH)0,1/0,010,1/0,01
Buffer solution1…3 /USA, NIST, DIN, User1…3 /USA, NIST, DIN, User
Calibration points1…31…3
Buffer recognitionyesyes
Measuring Range (mV)± 1.000-1.000 …+1.900
Resolution (mV)10,1 / 1
Measuring Range (°C)0…100,0-10…100
Resolution (°C)± 0,5± 0,5
MemoryNo1000 Data
InterfaceNoMicro USB
DisplayLCDLCD-Display, 3-color backlit
IP-ClassIP 57IP 57
Dimension (mm)184 x 85 x 45 mm184 x 85 x 45 mm
Warranty3 years3 years