EC-31 multi Basic Benchtop Multiparameter

Laboratory multiMeter with good performance at a very attractive price. The new DHS-technology allows the use of digital as well as analog electrodes. The backlit LCD display of the basic meter shows all information that you need about measurement, included icon for stability.

Very easy to use with just 4 keys. Up to 3 point pH calibration (4-point in conductivity) with automatic buffer recognition for USA buffers. Icon support all calibration editing function with alarm electrode diagnostics. Easy to calibrate.



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• high-resolution color display,
adjustable brightness
• Display of pH/mV, Conductivity/TDS
and temperature values
• automatic Conductivity calibration
up to 5 points
• automatic pH calibration up
to 3 points
• automatic ORP 1-point calibration
• selectable stability parameter
• automatic and manual
temperature compensation
• Protection class IP 54

Technical dataEC-31 multi
Measuring Range/Resolution (pH)0,00…14,00
Measuring Accuracy (pH)0,1/0,01
Calibration points1…3
Buffer solutions1…3/USA, NIST, DIN, User
Meas. Range(Cond-mS)0,00…200
Measuring Accuracy (Cond)0,1/1 µS 0,01/0,1 mS
Calibration points1…5
Temperature Measuring Range0…100,0
Resolution/Accuracy (°C)0,1 /± 0,5
Selectable cell constant (cm¯1)0,1 – 1 – 10
TTDS Measuring range0.1 mg/l…200 g/l
Calibration alarmNo
IP-classIP 54
Dimension (mm)170 x 145 x 60 mm
Weight (g)530g
Warranty3 years