EC-45 multi Professional Benchtop Multiparameter

The large colored graphic display shows all necessary information about measurement, calibration, standards, cell condition, GLP. Anyone can use this meter easily with its intuitive menu available in up to 5 languages.

The new DHS-technology allows the use of digital as well as analog electrodes. Up to 5-point pH-calibration and up to 4-point Conductivty calibration with automatic recognition of all standards. Icon support for all calibration functions and advanced electrode diagnostics.
All functions can be controlled in an intuitive and easy way. The instrument can be delivered with a stirrer.



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• Display pH/mV,COND/TDS, Salinity
  and Temperature simultaneously
• Resolution: 0,1-0,001 pH;
  Auto range for Cond
• GLP-conform
• Selectable cell constant allows for
  use with 2 plate cell
• Large colored graphic display with
  indication of Calibration
  Buffers and measurement’s stability
• Indication stability of the
  measurement with icon
• Memory with re-call of last
  calibration date and time
  and information of electrode’s life
  set of calibration frequency
  for high quality of measurements
• Stability Parameter (Low-Med-High)
  for high accuracy measurement
• Non-volatile memory holds up
  to 1000 data points with
  date and time in automatic
  (Data logger) or manual
• 2x USB ports to transfer data
  at PC or printer and for external
• Software PC-Link to download
  data (included)
• external keypad
• Intrument can be delivered with
  magnetic stirrer
• IP54 protection

Technical dataEC-45 multi
Measuring Range (pH)-2…20
Resolution (pH)0.1 / 0.01 / 0.001
Buffer1…5 /USA, NIST, DIN, User
Calibration points1…5
Buffer recognitionYes
Measuring Range (mV)± 2000
Resolution (mV)0.1 / 1
Measuring Range (°C)-20,0…120,0
Resolution (°C)± 0,5
Measuring Range (cond)0,00 – 20,00 – 200,0 – 2000µS /
 2,00 – 20,00 – 200,0 – 1000 mS
Resolution (cond)Automatic full scale
Calibration Standards84, 1413 µS, 12.88, 111.8 mS, User
Calibration points1…5
Cell constant selectable (cm-1)0,1 – 1 – 10
Reference Temp. (°C)15…30
Temperature compensation (%/°C)0,00…10,00
TDS-Measuring Range (g/l)0…500
TDS-Factor0.40 … 1.00
Salinity (ppt)0,01…100
Resistivity (MΩ)0….20
Memory1000 Data
Interface2 x USB, RS-232
DisplayColored graphic display
IP-ProtectionIP 54
Power supplyAdapter 12 V DC
Weight (g)1050, without stirrer
Dimension (mm)165 x 195 x 68 (WxDxH) without stirrer