EC-45 pH Professional Benchtop Meter

The large colored graphic display offers perfect readout and shows all information that you need about measurement, buffers used for calibration, electrode’s life, GLP information and instrument’s memory.

Anyone can use this meter easily with its clear menu structure up to 5 languages.
The new DHS-technology allows the use of digital as well as analog electrodes. Up to 5-point pH calibration with automatic recognition for USA/NIST/DIN and User buffers.
Icon support all calibration editing function with advanced electrode diagnostics. Only a few keys allow the user to control all functions in an intuitive and easy way. The EC-45 pH can be delivered with a stirrer.



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• Display pH/mV and Temperature
  parameters simultaneously
• Resolution: 0,001 pH
• Automatic Calibration up to
  5 points with automatic
  buffer recognition
• DHS-function, automatic recognition
  of DHS- and analog electrodes
• GLP and IQ-OQ manual available
• Large, colored graphic display
• Memory with re-call of last calibration
  date and time and information of
  electrode’s life
• CAL DUE: set of calibration
  for high quality of measurements
• Non-volatile memory holds up to
  1000 data points with date/ time
  in automatic (Data logger) or manual
• external keypad • 2 x USB ports and
  1 x RS-232 interface to transfer data
  at PC or printer and for external
• Instrument can be equipped with
  a magnetic stirrer
• IP54 rated housing handles splashes

Technical dataEC-45-pH
Measuring Range-2…20
Resolution (pH)0.1 / 0.01 / 0.001
Buffer solution1…5 /USA, NIST, DIN, User
Calibration points1…5
Buffer recognitionYes
Measuring Range± 2000
Resolution (mV)0.1 / 1
Measuring Range-20,0…120,0
Resolution (°C)± 0,5
Memory1000 Data
Interface2 x USB, RS-232
DisplayColored graphic display
IP-ProtectionIP 54
PowerAdapter 12 V DC
Weight (g)1050, without stirrer
Dimension (mm)

165 x 195 x 68 (WxDxH) without stirrer