http://gurucomputers.ca/tsin3/which-is-better-smite-or-sharpness.html THE SIMPLEST SOLUTION FOR ROUTINE LAB STERILIZATION.

FVS is a  Muroto-misakicho compact and  http://annedickson.co.uk/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://annedickson.co.uk/talking-points/as-rainbows-fade/ portable lab sterilizer with very small overall dimensions for easy handling and use.

ApplicationsBio-Pharmaceutical, Microbiology
LoadsMachine parts, Tools, Culture media, Glassware
Useful chamber capacity45 liters

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The FVS Vertical Lab Sterilizer controls the sterilization process adopting a close loop feedback system using PID algorithm. This solution permits a continuous and accurate control of chamber temperature and pressure with a significant energy saving, even in a so small autoclave.

The FVS series sterilizers are suitable for the use in many different applications in laboratory such as:

  • Empty glassware Laboratories instruments Small machine parts.
  • Culture media/solution in small size open containers.

Please refer to the image to check out all possible configurations referred to FVS series.

With two chamber useful volumes ranging from 30 to 45 liters FVS series is the simplest choice for standard sterilization in the laboratory field. Both sterilizing chamber and lid are made with top-quality AISI 316L stainless steel with electropolished finishing. FVS series is equipped with built-in AISI 304 stainless steel recovery tank for steam condensates and with a special profile high-resistant pneumatic gasket for automatic lid sealing, assuring maximum safety. A small air compressor with buffer assures pneumatic lid gasket closing and final drying.

FVS has a swing-top opening lid with quick closing and safety interlocks. The temperature ranges from 100°C to 144°C to cover wide spectrum of sterilization programs managed by TSC 09 microprocessor control system with graphic color LCD display and alphanumeric pad.



  • Portable type autoclave with 2 castors and handle.
  • No utilities connections for very fast and easy installation.
  • Password protected key user access.
  • Sterilization time up to 999 min.
  • 10-free configurable automatic programs.
  • One port for validation purpose.
  • Warm-up/warm-keeping for culture media (45°C – 90°C) preparation.


  • European directives: 2014/30/EU – Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), 2014/35/EU – Low tension equipment (LVD), 2006/95/EC – Safety of machinery (MD)
  • European standards: EN ISO 12100, EN ISO 13857, EN ISO 13849-1, EN IEC 60204-1, EN IEC 61326-1, EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-040, EN 4126-1, EN 12953-9
  • Pressure vessel compliant to: 2014/68/EU – Presseure equipment device (PED)