LHP1-V Single Channel Pipettes

Pipetting is one of the most important tasks in the laboratory.

The new Pipettes from PHOENIX INSTRUMENT offer a high level of ease of use at a very good price/performance ratio and the user must abstain neither from precision nor from an ergonomic design.

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Single channel pipettes, variable volume

All features at a glance

• lightweight, ergonomic, low force design
• suitable for both left and
right-handed users
• easy to calibrate and maintain with
tool supplied
• fully autoclavable (model LHP2 only)
• calibration certificate according to
DIN ISO 12650
• easy volume adjustment
• smooth tip ejection
• compatible with a wide range of tips

(+/- in %)(<%)
LHP1-V013,003,000,1 -2,5 µl
LHP1-V051,501,500,5 -10 µl
LHP1-V21,201,002 -20 µl
LHP1-V50,900,605 -50 µl
LHP1-V101,000,4010 -100 µl
LHP1-V200,800,3020 -200 µl
LHP1-V500,800,3050 -200 µl
LHP1-V1000,700,25100-1000 µl
LHP1-V2000,700,25200 -1000 µl
LHP1-V10000,600,301000 -5000 µl