Magstir Genie


Programmable Magnetic Stirrer features four modes: Manual, Automatic, Profiles and Setup. Can be programmed from simple to complex laboratory applications. Provides low to high speed stirring and editable memory profiles. Microprocessor controls offer precision and reproducibility.


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Features and Functions

Custom Speed Range

High and low speed range include reverse and interval stirring.

Three Power Levels

Low/Medium/High levels available for various sample viscosities.

Low-Profile Magnetic Stirrer

Uses microprocessor control for precise and reproducible operation.

Manual Mode

Provides stir, stir reverse, and time functions.

Profiles Mode

Allows users to quickly program speed, ramp rate, stir direction, time (including pause), and power level in up to 9 distinct steps. Up to 4 stirring profiles can be saved.

Automatic Mode

Recalls and executes one of up to 4 user-defined profiles.


Speed (RPM)10 – 1800 RPM including stir reverse
Maximum Stirring Positions1
Timer1 second – 99 hours
Power LevelsLow, Medium, High
Selectable Ramp Rates5 – 300 rpm/sec
Product Weight3 lb
Overall (D x W x H)200 x 160 x 55mm (7.9 x 6.3 x 2.2in)
Maximum Stirring Capacity2 Liters
MarkingsETL listed / CE