Orbital-Genie Ratcheting Clamps

Heavy duty large footprint Orbital-Genie Ratcheting Clamps provides the flexibility for using a mix of different size and shape vessels on a single platform. Variable shaking speed with orbit reversing and “Whisper Quiet Technology” Unit is supplied with two ratcheting and one non-ratcheting cushioned clamps. Extra ratcheting clamps are available.


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Features and Functions

Full Customization

Fully programmable – time, reversing time, and acceleration/deceleration rates.

Speed Control

Variable shaking speed with orbit REVERSING.

Customizable Mixing Action

Create any mixing action from a smooth vortex to sloshing aeration or anything in between.

Programmable Ramping

Ensures a smooth ramp-up to desired speed avoiding potential spills.

Stepper Motor

Delivering exceptional speed control, accuracy, and durability.

Easy to use Timer

Timer displays time or, when programmed to a defined limit, will shut off the unit.


Speed (RPM)10 – 300 RPM including stir reverse
Timer1 min – 99 hours w/Alarm or Continuous
Selectable Ramp Rates10 – 100 rpm/sec
Product Weight21 Kg (46 lbs.)
Dimensions (base)460 x 460mm (18 x 18in)
Overall (D x W x H)590 x 500mm (23 x 20in)