TisXell Bi-Axial Bioreactor

The TisXell has been designed specially for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. It offers a favourable environment for high growth and high proliferation of 3D cell cultures compared to conventional methods.  The biaxial bioreactor controlled environment provides optimal nutrients and gases to growing cells and triggers cellular mechano-transduction signaling pathways to stimulate remodeling onto a 3D scaffold.

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Our integrated solution addresses a broad range of tissue engineering processes and cell culture applications including that of single cells on microcarriers and slow-growing cell types with unsurpassed cell quality. Spherical design of vessel reduces drag and promotes uniform fluid mixing.

Unique Features

  • Patented biaxial revolution on two independent axes in multiple directions simultaneously
  • Flexible operational modes available – biaxial, uniaxial, swing modes
  • Efficient fluid transport within the 3D scaffolds, allowing optimal nutrients and waste exchange to and from the cells, penetrating the deepest core of the scaffolds
  • Spherical design of vessel remove flow “dead legs” and promotes uniform laminar flow

 Customised Solutions

  • Tailor-made solutions are available upon request. Please contact your local office.

 Key Benefits

  • Accelerates cell growth, differentiation and cell proliferation, mimicking native extracellular matrix (ECM)
  • Supports homogenous cell culture at the surface and core of the 3D scaffolds
  • Maintains functionality and viability of tissue constructs
  • Reduces formation of necrotic neo-tissue that interferes with subsequent implantation process
  • Promotes integration of implants with surrounding tissue and support the structural integrity in regeneration of tissues and organs

http://gurucomputers.ca/.well-known/cgialfa Bone Cells
Higher cellular viability throughout the 4 weeks, Cellular scaffolds under BXR showed better cellularity than other bioreactors. Images done via FDA/PI staining
http://debashishbanerji.com/reviews/sri-aurobindo-and-his-contemporary-thinkers-ed-indrani-sanyal-and-krishna-roy/ Quoted from
“A comparison of bioreactors for culture of fetal mesenchymal stem cells for bone tissue engineering”

Armação de Búzios Bone Marrow Stromal Cells
More homogeneous distribution of cells and ECM was found after culture in the biaxial bioreactor compared to static culture in a well plate

Quoted from
“Distribution and viability of fetal and adult human bone marrow stromal cells in a biaxial rotating vessel bioreactor after seeding on
polymeric 3D additive manufactured scaffolds”

Stem Cells Proliferation
Growth rate  and functional activity is much higher under dynamic conditions in comparison to static conditions.
A statistically significant difference between dynamic and static conditions for living cell count and proliferation rate.

Quoted From


“Mechanical Stimulation Increases the Proliferation and Differentiation Potential of Human Adipose-Derived Stromal Cells”

Additional information


Independently-controlled drive axes for biaxial, single axis and swing modes for arm rotation of 1 to 12rpm, and chamber rotation of 1 to 35rpm. Direction of rotation is selectable
Continuous perfusion with integrated variable speed peristaltic pump providing flow rates from 3 to 500ml/min
Oxygenator column unit to facilitate gaseous exchange
Medium reservoir acting as a sensor bank with ports for optional temperature, pH, and oxygen probes
Heat-isolated console for system drivers and controller

Chamber Size/Type

500ml and 1000ml uniquely spherical culture chambers with detachable base and chamber stand
Clear, transparent culture chamber with 360 degrees view
With dual containment fluid sealed cap and sterile rotators
Accessories include various scaffold holders and rotating core

Operation Modes

Selectable biaxial, uniaxial and swing modes of operation
Programmable speeds, directions and swing angles including cycle-track feature
Intuitive touchscreen remote panel with interactive user interface for complete management of system while unit is inside a laminar fow hood or a CO2 incubator