Our Brands


http://contextaudio.com/wp-includes/sitemaps/providers TisXell was founded as a member of Quintech Life Sciences. TisXell focuses on the emerging field of Regenerative Medicine, through her innovative cell culture-based technologies.


buy neurontin for pets Chrono-log (USA) has almost 57 years experience in platelet function testing. Chronolog whole blood/optical lumi-aggregation systems improve detection of abnormal platelet function by simultaneously measuring platelet aggregation and dense granule secretion in a physiological whole blood environment or traditional plasma sample.

Count Star

http://alandaluzza.com/beence.php Countstar® brings together the functionality of digital microscopes, cytometers and automated cell counters into intuitively designed systems. By combining bright-field and fluorescent imaging with classical dye-exclusion technologies, Countstar cell count and analysis systems provide extensive data on cell morphology, viability, and concentration in real time. Countstar® Systems go further by generating high-resolution images — the essential basis for sophisticated data analysis. With more than 2,000 analyzers installed worldwide, Countstar® cell analyzers are proven to be valuable tools in research, process development, and validated production environments.


Cleaver Scientific (UK) is an innovative leader in the design and manufacturing of premium and technically enhanced electrophoresis equipment and related reagents.


Integra Biosciences (Switzerland) is a leading provider of high quality laboratory tools for liquid handling, media preparation, sterilization and cell cultivation.


Micronic (Netherlands) has been dedicated to the design and manufacturing of innovative Sample Storage Tubes and accessories for over 25 years.


NanoAnalytics (Germany) was founded in 1999 as an independent testing laboratory focusing on characterization of surfaces from the centimeter to the nanometer scale. The nanoAnalytics interdisciplinary team has an outstanding experience in the field of surface and nano analytics.


Phoenix Instrument (Germany) was founded in 2010; having more than 50 years of experience in the distribution of laboratory instruments. Phoenix Instrument provides instruments with a high-quality standard for the daily demand in all kind of laboratories at a good price and a decent service. 


Scientific Industries (USA) has 50 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of laboratory instruments for vortexing and mixing, particularly with the original, unsurpassed Vortex-Genie Mixer.


Fedegari Group, world leader in the production of solutions for sterile processes in the pharmaceutical sector. We ensure quality, technology and support over 100 countries