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New! Tissue Tubes with External Thread For Standardizing Fresh Frozen Tissue Storage



A friendly reminder in case you missed it because of the summer break: Micronic recenlty launched two new tissue tubes with external thread, the 1.00ml in 48-format and the 3.50ml in 24-format. If you would like to have samples but haven’t received them yet, please let us know!

 Application Benefits

With the new tissue storage tubes, Micronic enables 4biobanks to standardize and automate the storage of fresh frozen tissue samples in the same way as their liquid samples. No more need for using different types of containers and vials, these uniform and standard tubes can store various sizes of tissue samples. The tubes are optionally available with a transparent cap, for easy visual checking of the enclosed tissue sample from above. The tissue tubes are provided with a 2D Data-Matrix code for complete traceability and available in a 1D barcoded Micronic ULT rack based on the automation-friendly ANSI/SLAS rack format.